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Triggerpad Presentation at Superbooth

At Superbooth 23 Mitja from Crosspatch held a Geschprächkoncert: a performance demonstration with an explanation of the Triggerpad features, followed by Q&A.

Booth W210 in the big hall

Crosspatch goes to Superbooth! From 11. to 13. May 2023 you can find us in Berlin’s FEZ at the most exciting synthesizer fair. Meet us in the big hall at booth W210. Play with Triggerpad, our new dynamic trigger and gate sequencer that you can use with USB MIDI controllers. Check out the map to see our exact location.


Dynamic Trigger Sequencer

Triggerpad is a dynamic trigger/gate sequencer in eurorack format on only 6hp. A USB MIDI controller with an 8×8 grid like Launchpad or APC is used to display and edit the patterns (see the list of compatible controllers). The user experience is tailored to live performance and detailed composition: dial in simple rhythms or complex polyrhythms, retrigger at audio rate, create dynamic percussions with velocity triggers or use longer pulses to create steppy modulations.

By using USB MIDI controllers that you might already have and maybe not use anymore, we avoid producing more plastic. Give your old gear a second life!

  • 8 channels (start/stop individually)
  • 1 to 64 steps pattern length (per channel)
  • 8 substeps per step (128th notes)
  • 7 levels of velocity of the trigger pulses (0-10V)
  • 250us – 1 step adjustable trigger/gate length
  • Session mode: record patterns quantized to substeps or 16th notes
  • Program sequences in step sequencer mode
  • Fingerdrum beats live (also on velocity sensitive pads)
  • Global and per channel shuffle
  • Program shuffle patterns: define which steps will be shuffled
  • Switch between patterns instantly or chain up to 64 patterns
  • Set the BPM from 0.5 to 400
  • Set clock divider and clock multiplier on clock input and output
  • No deep menu diving, tailored for live performance
  • Store and recall 64 snapshots of all 64 scenes on USB drives

Mailing List

Stay informed on availability and firmware updates by subscribing to the mailing list. We will send you an email when Triggerpad is in stock, when you can preorder it and where you can find it.


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